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Brainscape’s Smart Flashcards foster efficient studying and strong habits to Double your learning speed with the implementation of spaced repetition and active recall.

As a Med student, you need to study A lot. But what if there was a way you could easily increase your active recall and metacognition; There is, and it’s called spaced repetition. Brainscape harnesses the power of this scientifically-proven retention technique to help students learn more easily and efficiently.

Brainscape is a web and mobile-based platform that offers medical students the chance to learn lots of information through flashcards. In addition to testing your knowledge with Brainscape’s “smart flashcards,” you can benchmark your progress, share with others, and bookmark cards for review later.

The app can speed up your medical learning time because it repeats more complex concepts optimally to ensure you remember things more effectively.


How does Brainscape work?

Brainscape’s intelligent study system has been designed in accordance with decades of proven cognitive science to help you learn faster and remember longer than with any other flashcard app. (And we don’t waste time on games. Our flashcards are for serious learners. – Brainscape)

Brainscape distills any subject down into bite-sized facts (neatly organized into decks and classes), which are posed as question-and-answer pairs, compelling you to recall information from scratch actively.

You then rate how well you know each concept on a scale from 1 to 5, and Brainscape determines the perfect time interval at which to repeat that flashcard.

If you know the answer well, you’ll see that flashcard less often; if you don’t know it well, you’ll see it again and again, at frequent intervals, until it’s deeply ingrained into your brain.

And it’s this unique combination of active recall, self-assessment (metacognition), and spaced repetition that is scientifically proven to slash your required study time significantly!

Where do all of Brainscape’s great flashcards come from? Three places:

THE WORLD’S TOP EXPERTS. Brainscape partners with top publishers, schools, and educators to create comprehensive collections of certified flashcards for various subjects.

YOUR PEERS. Top students, professors, teachers, tutorpreneurs, and businesses worldwide have created over 1 million subjects available to search on Brainscape’s Knowledge Genome.

YOU! You can easily create and organize thousands of multimedia flashcards featuring text, images, and even audio files, both on Brainscape’s website and within the App itself. You can also share your decks with your classmates and develop content collaboratively.

It’s our vision to empower everyone, everywhere, to rise to the challenge of personalized forever learning.

Brainscape’s Features:

  • With a knowledge bank created by millions of global users and experts, you can FIND, MAKE, and SHARE flashcards anytime, anywhere, and on any device while keeping all your content meticulously ORGANIZED and seamlessly IN SYNC across web, mobile, and all your devices.

You can choose from hundreds of color-coded cards, including;

  • Anatomy
  • Body Systems
  • Dentistry
  • Medical Courses & Subject Areas
  • Medical Exams
  • Medical Subspecialties
  • Medical Terminology
  • Misc Healthcare Topics
  • Nursing Courses & Subject Areas
  • Nursing Subspecialties
  • Other Healthcare Fields
  • Pharmacology
  • Physiology
  • Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging
  • Veterinary


Creating and sharing great text flashcards is FREE.

Brainscape charges for image creation. And for unlimited access to ALL of Brainscape’s user-generated and premium, expert-curated content, as well as optional features, like bookmarks and card reversibility, you can upgrade to Pro for $19.99 (monthly), $59.99 (every 6 months), or $95.99 (annually).

Alternatively, you can unlock a LIFETIME of learning with Brainscape for a one-time cost of only $199.99.

Download Brainscape:

Available for iOS | Android

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